Quartzel® Veil

Made from fused silica filaments

Quartzel® fiber is a homogeneous, non-porous, continuous, amorphous, ultra-pure silica glass with a SiO2 content ≥ 99.95%. Quartzel® veils are made from Quartzel® yarns which are chopped and then processed into veils through wet-laid process.


Main properties

Low thermal expension and resistance to thermal shock

CTE= 0.54 10-6 k-1.

Low loss material

Dk = 3.74 & Df = 0.0002 at 10 GHz.

Integrity as insulating material

Up to 1050°C.

Thermo-mecanical strength

Up to 300°C.

Free of impurities

99.95% of silica content.

Solvent resistance

Maintain mechanical properties even while soaked in toluene or MEK.

Product portfolio



Available areal weight Binders* Typical thichness Available width
  Epoxy Styrene Acrylic PVA Polyimide    
10 g/m2 90 µm Up to 1.6m
15 g/m2   130 µm Up to 1.6m
25 g/m2 220 µm Up to 1.6m
50 g/m2   450 µm Up to 1.6m

*Binder percentage <10%



Product properties


Typical tensile strenght:
Average measurement on 5 replica of 25g/m² veils

  At room temperature  At 250°C
  N/5cm N/5cm
25 g/mEpoxy 119  23
25 g/m2 Styrene Acrylic 107  11
25 g/m2 Polyimide 183  87


Thermal conductivity:
Data for 25g/m² veil (Epoxy binder) at an apparent density of 54kg/m3 (material was stack with no compression applied) according to hot guarded plate method (Internal data)








Thermal conductivity mW/m/K

59 77 105 140 184



Thermal vacuum outgassing:
Test for the screening of space materials (ECSS-Q-70-02)

Material tested

TML (%)

RML (%)

WMR (%)

CVCM (%)

Acceptance limit achieved*

Veil 10gsm Epoxy

0.15 0.09 0.06 0.01 YES

Veil 25gsm Epoxy

0.20 0.15 0.04 0.00 YES

Veil 10gsm PVA

0.66 0.17 0.50 0.00 YES

Veil 25gsm Polyimide

0.10 0.04 0.06 0.00 YES

TML: Total Mass Loss, including water vapor
RML: Recovered Mass Loss, mass loss without water vapor
WVR: Water Vapor Regained
CVCM: Collected Volatile Condensable Material, i.e. mass condensed on a cold-collector plate
*defined according to ECSS-Q-70-02


Dual-use disclaimer: Quartzel® products are all classified as a dual-use commodity by the European and US authorities. Therefore, an export license is required to export these goods to some countries. Our team will support you in this process. Read more about it here.