Electrical network

Electrical power grid has developed over years mostly with high tension aerial lines due to the ease and cost of installation. However, the use of underground high tension lines has been getting more popular over the past decades for several reasons.
electrical network

They are particularly interesting as they allow the use of different cables with larger section and/or denser materials like copper which better conduct electricity over Aluminum, common in aerial lines. As a result, the underground lines can save up to 25% of the electrical losses compared to aerial lines.
Implementing more underground lines means that there is a growing need for transfer station between aerial to underground. These stations are sensitive installations in which the High Voltage, up to 225 000V in most cases, is transferred from one cable type to another one. These cables are insulated from the installation with the help of large ceramic insulators. These insulators have themselves to be mechanically held onto the metallic structure while being insulated to provide a protection against unexpected current leakage.

Micaver insulators are perfectly fit for this application which requires primarily a strong mechanical tensile and flexural strength as well as electrical insulation.


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