Quartzel® Rovings

Made from fused silica filaments

Quartzel® fiber is a homogeneous, non-porous, continuous, amorphous, ultra-pure silica glass with a SiO2 content 99.95%. Quartzel® rovings are assemblies of either 9µm or 14µm filaments gathered into strands (forming package) and processed with a very low number of twists.


Main properties

Low loss material

Dk = 3.74 & Df = 0.0002 at 10 GHz.

Free of impurities

99.95% of silica content.

High mecanical strength

Filament tension RT=6000 MPa.

Low thermal expension and resistance to thermal shock

CTE= 0.54 10-6 K-1.

Ablative material

Above 1600°C and extreme heat flow.


Density= 2.2
10% lighter than e-glass.

High elongation

Maximum elongation  ε= 7.7%.

Low shrinkage at HT

Shrinkage after exposure of 1000h at 1000°C < 1.5%.

Product Portfolio


Available sizing 

Nominal linear density
(ISO 1889/ASTM D1907)*

Tensile strength
(ISO 3341/ASTM D2256)*

Based on ISO 2078 (Europe) US customary system QS1318 (Worldwide)
QS13-QPC1 (US Only)
Tex 100 x yard/lb 

Typical values in daN**

Standard Quartzel®  rovings (2-3 twists/m):
C9 267 (33) 300 8E 267 18.6 14
C9 400 (33) 300 12E 400 12.4 22
C14 640 (80) 125 8E 640 7.8 30
C9 667 (33) 300 20E 667 7.4 34
C14 960 (80) 125 12E 960 5.2 38
C14 1600 (80) 125 20E 1600 3.1 48
Zero-twist Quartzel®  rovings:
C14 80 (80) 125 1E 80 62 3.5

 *with a slight internal modification to adapt to quartz material    **Lbf = 2.25 x daN

Available sizings & packaging

Roving bobbin VF.jpg

Available sizings : 

  • QS1318 and QS13-QPC1 are multipurpose high performance direct sizings, recommended for most textile processes and composite applications. They can be used with thermoset resins and among others : Phenolic, Epoxy, BMI, etc..
  • QSCY1 sizing is designed specifically for optimized compatibility with cyanate ester resin systems.

*Sizing is the chemical agent which aims at protecting the yarns in textile processes as well as providing chemical compatibility with resin matrix in composites.

Type of packaging: 

All Quartzel® Rovings are packed onto bobbins. See the graph beside.


    Dual-use disclaimer: Quartzel®products are all classified as a dual-use commodity by the European and US authorities. Therefore, an export license is required to export these goods to some countries. Our team will support you in this process. Read more about it here.

    Safety data sheet (SDS)
    7 - 15 micron QUARTZEL® Silica Yarn, Roving, and Chopped-SDS-2023-USA
    PDF | 220.14 KB
    7 - 15 micron QUARTZEL® Silica Yarn, Roving, and Chopped-SDS-2023-USA
    Safety data sheet (SDS)
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