Learn more about Quartzel classification as dual-use products

Quartzel products are classified as dual-use products under the classification 1C010.C. Therefore they require an export licence from European or American authorities to be exported to certain countries.

Saint-Gobain Quartz is pleased to support our customers through this mandatory process for both samples and larger quantities

Saint-Gobain Quartz strictly complies with each countries legal environment as well as International laws.

For any specific request please contact us.

Classification of countries and need for export licence

EU countries: No export limitation except for re-export outside the EU.

Countries covered by general export licence (no need for end use certificate): USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zeland and UK.

All other countries: Please provide an End-User Certificate to apply for individual export licence which are to be project based and will have a validity of 2 years for those obtained from France.

End-user certificate instruction:

An end-user certificate templade is available at the bottom of this page. Please download it if you intend to require an export license.

Please refer to the EUC instructions to get helped on how to fill the End User application document.

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