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Saint-Gobain Quartz

Saint-Gobain Quartz is a business unit of the Saint-Gobain group that supplies a wide range of industries with high quality quartz materials and products, such as Quartzel® fused quartz fibers used in Aeronautics and fused quartz crucibles used in Semiconductor and Industrial applications.
In addition, Saint-Gobain Quartz also manufactures Micaver®, a unique glass/mica composite material used for the manufacturing of electrical insulators for the railway and other industries powered by electricity.

A decade ago, Saint-Gobain Quartz introduced SilPower®, an unchallenged range of infra-red reflectors allowing heating systems for various industries to perform at their utmost performance leading to significant energy savings.
Saint-Gobain Quartz has a long history of quartz manufacturing, dating back to 1922, and has pioneered new quartz manufacturing processes since then. Among the past and present licencees of Saint-Gobain Quartz technology are Momentive Quartz (tube manufacturing), QSil (cylindrical ingot manufacturing), Sumitomo and Mitsubishi Materials (crucible manufacturing), Corning (siloxane-based synthetic silica) and many more.
Today, Saint-Gobain Quartz materials are manufactured in two plants (France and Kentucky-USA). Our sales network and production facilities cover the world and are connected with each other in order to provide our customers the best local service with global support. For a representative near you please Contact us .

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16 August 1922
Foundation of Quartz & Silice by the engineer Henri George with the majority shareholding held by the Compagnie of Saint-Gobain, which today holds 100% of the shares. 
Launch of the product line Micaver® , a mineral insulator made of a mixture of glass and mica, in partnership with the British company Mycalex. 
After 7 years of research, first commercialization of artificial single crystals for optics, piezoelectricity and radiation detection. 
Development of the process of centrifugation, a process allowing the production of quartz tubes with a length of more than 2 meters in length and a section of more than 1 meter. 
The only French company to produce stable boron isotopes of boron, used in atomic batteries for the national civil nuclear project.  
Start of the production of silica yarns used in composite materials and mainly intended for the aeronautics, space and military industries.
Quartz & Silice participates in the implementation of the color television set by developing the SECAM process.
Development of the wool 2 μm with the participation of Lockheed Martin for the market of the protection tiles for the American space shuttle.
Refinement of the silica fiberizing allowing the drawing of silica filaments of 9 μm.
Launch of the Louisville plant, in Kentucky, to ensure local production, essential to serve the American markets. 
Launch of a subsidiary dedicated to the single crystal business, Saint-Gobain Crystals and Detectors, which today has around 400 employees in 5 sites around the world.
Quartz & Silice became Saint-Gobain Quartz.
Saint-Gobain Quartz begins refocusing its activities on a smaller number of product lines and initiates the relocation of certain workshops (Micaver®, Crucibles). During this period, Saint-Gobain Quartz invested in new industrial equipment, the most emblematic being the continuous melting furnace, which allows the production of silica rods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Saint-Gobain Quartz, with the strong support of Saint-Gobain Ceramics materials, is partnering with the German Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering to produce a portfolio of ceramic fibers made in Europe for high temperature applications >1100°C.

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