Quartz Crucibles

Crucibles for Industrial application

Many industrial processes require high temperature resistant containers that are chemically inert and resistant to thermal shock. 

Saint-Gobain Quartz offers an extensive range of Crucibles for applications as diverse as, precious metals and special alloys refining,   phosphorescent / fluorescent powder calcination in lamp industry, alumina calcination, various applications in the chemical industry, laboratory uses, various applications in the chemical industry, such as rare earth production and many more.

Main properties

Glassy surface finish

Glassy surface finish for liquids processing, free from any porosity.

High processing temperature

Up to 1050°C or above in specific conditions. (vaccuum / short time etc.)

Resistance to thermal shock

Greatest resistance to thermal shock among mineral materials thanks to lowest CTE.

Resistant to chemical agents

Highly resistant to chemical agents including most acids even if combined with temperature.

Free of any contaminants

Free of any contaminants. Limited amount of O2 transfer.

Diversity of raw material

These products are available in opaque or transparent versions depending on the elected application.

Customized offer

Saint-Gobain Quartz is offering a large portfolio of products with various dimension but is also happy to design specific geometries or shapes, including odd ratios between diameter and length even above 1:3. In addition, Quartz raw material purity is a parameter that can be adjusted in order to find the best compromise between cost and quality in the application. Lastly specific coatings can be put on the crucible surface thanks to a proprietary process in order to make its behavior more suitable to our customer’s needs.


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Some of our crucibles

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