Mica-glass insulators

Micaver® insulators are made from glass frit and mica sheets molded around two metalic inserts. This mica-glass composite allows to mechanically hold two parts together while insulating them electrically. These functions are maintained under various environmental conditions (vibrations, rain, etc.), thermal shocks and high operating temperature.

Our products:

Main properties

Prevent most rusting issues

Standard Micaver insulators are commonly equipped with Nickel-plated Steel inserts. To further prevent most rusting issues in aggressive and salty enviroment, Micaver can also be offered with Stainless Steel 304L inserts which meet all the requirements of NF F 61-016.

Resistant to thermal shock

Excellent resistance to thermal shocks from extreme winter temperature to high operating temperature (-40°C / +400°C).

Fire Resistant

Micaver® insulators are classified A1 and therefore do not burn (EN45545-2).

Electrically insulating

Minimum insulation resistance of 1 TΩ.

Safety data sheet (SDS)
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