Introduction to railway braking systems

Braking resistor technology is crucial in railways applications to ensure passenger safety. The railway braking systems are always using two systems, braking discs to mechanically slow down the train and also motor braking. Motor braking uses the engine as a generator which transforms motion in electricity and therefore slows down the train.
The generated electricity has to be dissipated. In some cases, the railway network allows the reuse of this electricity, the braking system is then called “regenerative”. However, in most cases the reuse of electricity is not possible and it has to be dissipated by heat, this system is called “rheostatic”.
Braking resistors are the component used to dissipate the energy created by motor braking into heat by Joule effect. It is critical to electrically and thermally insulate the dissipation parts (i.e. braking resistor) from the train structure in order to ensure the safety of this operation.
braking resistor
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Micaver® insulators are used to mechanically support the braking resistor while ensuring it's electrical insulation from the train structure to which it is attached thanks to it's high electrical resistance.
The braking resistors have to be functional at any time including in extreme cold weather. When entering in function these components experience extreme thermal shocks from negative temperatures up to several hundred degrees. Micaver insulators are able to withstand such thermal shocks all along the lifetime of a train therefore ensuring the train safety in all weather conditions. Lastly as all components in railway, the insulators have to hold the braking resistor in place when subjected to the shocks and vibrations associated with a moving rail vehicle. The combination of excellent electrical insulation, resistance to thermal shocks and ability to withstand constant vibration make Micaver® the best choice of insulator for railway braking resistors.

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