Quartzel® Felts

Made from fused silica filaments

Quartzel® fiber is a homogeneous, non-porous, continuous, amorphous, ultra-pure silica glass with a SiO2 content ≥ 99.95%. Quartzel® felts are produced from pure fused quartz fiber.




Main properties

Optimal balance between thermal conductivity and density

CF data below.

Integrity as insulating material

Up to 1050°C.

Ablative material

Above 1600 °C and extreme heat flow.

Low thermal expansion and resistance to thermal shock

CTE= 0.54 10-6 k-1.

Low loss material

Dk = 3.74 & Df = 0.0002 at 10 GHz.

Free of impurities

99.95% of silica content.

Product portfolio

  Areal weight*

Approximate density

Binder type

Max. available dimension (m)

Carton dimensions (mm)  Quantity per carton   

Low density Quartzel®  felts:

80 g/m² 10-20 kg/m3 PVA

3.5 x 1

20 x 1

L 1330 x W 670 x H 670

L 1250 x W 500 x H 500

15 x 3.5 = 52,5m²

1 x 20 = 20m²

Needle punched Quartzel® felts:

200 g/m²

500 g/m²

1000 g/m²

130 kg/m3 Sizing or sizing-free 20 x 1 L 1345 x W 670 x H 670

8 x 10 = 80m²

6 x 10 = 60m²

4 x 10 = 40m²  

 Product Properties

Thermal conductivity:
Data for 80g/m² felt at a density of 26kg/m3according to hot guarded plate method (ISO8302)

Temperature 20°C 100°C 200°C 300°C    400°C           500°C
Thermal conductivity mW/m/K 35 50 80 127     191            274

Thermal conductivity:
Data for 500g/m² needle-punched felt according to hot guarded plate method (Internal data)

Temperature 240°C 340°C 440°C 540°C 640°C  
Thermal conductivity mW/m/K 73 89 108 130 162  




Dual-use disclaimer: Quartzel® products are all classified as a dual-use commodity by the European and US authorities. Therefore, an export license is required to export these goods to some countries. Our team will support you in this process. Read more about it here.