Quartz Silica

Fused quartz is the purest form of glass, it contains above 99,95% of silicon dioxide (SiO2). This specific composition gives outstanding properties to this material. Saint-Gobain Quartz is exclusively using natural Quartz which can be extracted at high purity only from a very limited number of mines on Earth. Our know-how is to process this highly particular material into various forms without altering its original properties. For instance, we are able to process it into: yarn, roving, felt or wool. Further details regarding these particular products can be found in our technical datasheets.

Main properties

  • High chemical purity and resistance.
  • High softening temperature and thermal resistance.
  • Low thermal expansion with high resistance to thermal shocks.
  • High electromagnetic transparency.
  • High radiation resistance
silica 3

Technical datasheets

Properties Description Value Units
Physical Density 2.2 g/cm3
Poisson's coefficient 0.16 -
Ultrasonic wave propagation:
  • Longitudinal
5960 m.s-1
  • Tranversal
3770 m.s-1
Internal Dampening 0.08 dBm-1MHz-1
Properties Description Value Units


Dielectric constant at 10 GHz 3.74 -
Loss factor at 10 GHz  0.0002 -
Dielectric strength ~3.7 x 107 V.m-1
Resistivity at 200°C 1 x 1020 Ω.m
Resistivity at 800°C 6 x 1020 Ω.m
Resistivity at 1000°C 1 x 108 Ω.m
Properties Description Value Units
Thermal Linear expansion coefficient 0.54 x 10-6 K-1
Specific heat at 20°C 7.5 x 102
Heat conductivity 1.38 W.m-1K-1
Annealing point (log10n=13) 1220 °C
Softening point (log10n=7.6) 1700 °C
Properties Description Value Units
Optical Refractive index 1.4585 -
Dispersion 67 -
Field of transparency 0.2 to 4 µm