Lightweight thermal insulant for aero engines

Reliability of commercial aviation drastically increased over the past decades, leading to lower incidents globally. Aircraft engines, which strongly benefited from continuous improvements have played a big role in achieving such robustness. A critical feature of aircraft engines is the thermal insulation system, often in the shape of thermal blankets, located between the nacelle and the engine itself. It plays a key role in controlling the operation temperatures of the engine while preserving the integrity of surrounding vital components (fuselage, nacelle, ducts containing flammable fluids such as oil and fuel). This function has to be operational with no failure during takeoff, cruising and landing.
Saint-Gobain Quartz supplies non-woven Quartzel® Felts of various densities that drastically reduce heat transfer from high temperature sources, up to 1050°C, without dimensional variations. Its light weight coupled with it low thermal conductivity allows the industry to follow the trend towards fuel efficiency without compromise on insulation performance. Thanks to its highly pure composition, Quartzel® also acts as a fire barrier and helps OEMs comply with the strictest fire certifications as well as ensuring vital function of the plane and safety of passengers in case of a fire event. Saint-Gobain-Quartz Felts show great conformability leading to versatile final shape thus suitable for intricate spaces and complex shapes covering. Thickness can withstand compression down to few millimeters without residual deformation. Several felts can be assembled together thanks to our low friction Quartzel® Sewing Thread to form a multilayer blanket for tailored insulation or thickness needs.
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