Quartzel® Sewing Thread

Made from fused silica filaments

Quartzel® fiber is a homogeneous, non-porous, continuous, amorphous, ultra-pure silica glass with a SiO2 content 99.95%. Quartzel® sewing threads are assemblies of 9µm filaments gathered into strands and then processed with twists and plies. Quartzel® sewing threads are offered either dry or coated with PTFE to facilitate its use.


Main properties:

Flexibility and sewability

Exellent lubrification of PTFE.

High mecanical strength

Filament tension RT= 6000 MPa.

Low thermal expension and resistance to thermal shock

CTE= 0.54 10-6 K-1.


Density= 2.2
10% lighter than e-glass.

Resistant to acids

Good chemical inertness.

Product Portfolio


Nominal linear density
(ISO 1889/ASTM D1907)*

Tensile strength
(ISO 3341/ASTM D2256)*

Approx. Diameter

Typical binder content

Based on ISO 2078 (Europe) US customary system Tex

Typical value in daN**






PTFE coated Quartzel®  sewing thread:


 Quartzel® Q18 

  250 11.2 0.43 20

Quartzel® Q24

  340 15.6 0.51 20

 Dry Quartzel®  sewing thread:  


C9 33x2x2 Z160 QS13

 300 2/2/2 QS13

133 8 0.36 0.5

C9 33x2x3 Z160 QS13

300 2/2/3 QS13

205 13 0.43 0.5

C9 33x2x4 Z160 QS13

300 2/2/4 QS13

272 18 0.51 0.5 

*with a slight internal modification to adapt to quartz material    **Lbf = 2.25 x daN

Dual use

Dual-use disclaimer: Quartzel®products are all classified as a dual-use commodity by the European and US authorities. Therefore, an export license is required to export these goods to some countries. Our team will support you in this process. Read more about it here.

Safety data sheet (SDS)
Fused Quartz; Amorphous Fused Silica with PTFE coating-SDS-2023-USA
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Fused Quartz; Amorphous Fused Silica with PTFE coating-SDS-2023-USA