Rigid silica machinable parts

SilPower® Rigid Silica is a high performance infra-red reflector obtained from Quartzel® fibers having an SiO2 content 99.95%.

Main properties

Diffuse IR reflectivity

Excellent for short infrared (0.5 - 2.5 µm).

Thermal insulation

<0.5 W.m-1.K-1 from 25°C to 1200°C.


Tailor-made shapes with tolerance of +/- 1mm.

Dimentional stability

No shrinkage at HT.

Collage silpower 6
Product portfolio
Grade Density Compression resistance Flexion resistance
SilPower® LD 0.65 1 MPa 1 MPa
SilPower® HD 0:95 4 MPa

2 MPa

Product properties

IR reflectivity

Integrated sphere - Internal data


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Diffuse reflexion of IR

Thanks to its fiberous composition, SilPower® is a key material for homogeneous heating in industrial equipment

reflectivity 2
Thermal conductivity

Measurement standards : EN 993-14 (LD), NF EN ISO 8894-1 (HD)


Conductivity in W.m-1.K-1 LD Grade HD Grade
At 25°C (298°K) 0.18 0.18
At 450°C (723°K) 0.26 0.24
At 700°C (976°K) 0.34 0.32
At 950°C (1221°K) 0.39 0.39
At 1200°C (1478°K) - 0.46